Monday, September 15, 2014


Alright guys.

Buckle up. 

This week was fabulous.

After a solid month of nearly killing ourselves and still seeing ZERO progress here whatsoever... We fasted and prayed a freaking ton.. and the Lord decided to bless us.

We found SIX new investigators this week. 

3 of them were referrals from members.

One of them, Aline, is married to a member named Micael. Aline accepted a BAPTISMAL DATE for SATURDAY. Like in 6 days. We´re going to be running a lot this week. I´m so pumped. 

On Saturday we were knocking doors... basically. here you just clap and people magically come outside to talk to us, but i mean it´s the same idea. Anyways we were contacting this lad named Susi. She let us in her house, we chatted for a little bit, and she was saying she really needs a church right now. She was like ´MAN, the church is coming to ME.. I´ve GOT to go to church, huh??  Filha, let´s go to church tomorrow?´´ 

WE DIDN´T THINK SHE´D ACTUALLY COME. Everyone says they´ll visit and N O B O D Y visits... But we got to church on Sunday.... and THERE SHE WAS. In Relief Society they were talking about eternal marriage and sealings and temples and I was just thinking WELL THIS SOUNDS CRAZY AND WE STILL HAVEN´T TAUGHT HER A THING SHE´S NOT GOING TO GET IT SHE´S GOING TO RUN AWAY.... But after the class... She asked about sealing... and what you have to do to be sealed... She talked about a marriage of 30 years that ended and I´m not really positive right now but she thought being sealed to your family for eternity was the greatest thing ever and wants us to explain it more on Thursday. 


I was just really happy.

Life is good here. 

Last week Sister Mantovani and I both wrote President about our almost-hopelessness and suddenly things are happening, and he said he would be working on the issues soon buuuuuuut I hope that it doesn´t close the area because we found miracles and people we need to baptize. We´ll see. God knows what he´s doing. It´s fine.

This week I am a happy camper.


Seriously. And it´s burning season, so everywhere we go there are fields on fire, and the sun and the humidity and the fire smell and EVERYTHING just reminds me of Florida and camping adventures right now. It´s so great. But better still because on top of that, everyone here speaks portuguese. I´m not trunky. Not at all. Not excited about seeing everyone I´ve missed in 8 weeks. Nope nope nope. 




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