Monday, September 29, 2014



Oh my lanta.

I passed my LAST WEEK in Campos Novos.

I don´t believe it. 

Let me tell ya about it.

Tuesday. We had family night with Ricardo and AnaMaria (they´ve literally saved me the past 4 1/2 months) We had an investigator there. Lucindo. We taught the restoration. It was great. People cried. It was tender. 

We met with Susi. She came to church last week and we cleared up doubts she had and she wants to change and she´s going to be baptized one day. 

The Marques family is fabulous. Alex (middle child. 17.) is SO strong now and determined to get him and his family to the temple. Nossa, he´s incredible. We made a goal with them to read the scriptures ALL together EVERY DAY, and they´re doing great great great. 

Friday came. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS ON A FRIDAY. IT WAS ONLY LIKE 2h30... WHAT? President Silva called.

It went like this... except in portuguese, obvs.

-ring ring- -ring ring-

Me: Alo?
Presidente: Hi. Who I talking to?
Me: Sister Morrill.
Presidente: Ah, hi sister morrill. Who is your companion?
Me: .....Sister Mantovani!
Presidente: Ah, is she there? Put her on speaker.
Me: She´s here;
Manto: I´m here presidente.
Presidente: Great. Sister Morrill, you´re being transferred.
Me: uhhh
Presidente: You´re going to the Esplanada area in Chapecó.
Me: Mmkay, cool beans.
Presidente: Your companion will be Sister Haight. 
Me: -screaming in my head WHOOOOOOOOOO-
Presidente: Sister Morrill.. 
Me: Yeah!
Presidente: You´re being assigned as Senior Sister Training Leader.
Me: Haha... no. 
Me: wait.. you´re serious?
-call fell through-

then President called again.

Pres: Sorry, Sister Morrill. Did you hear me?
Me: Yeah, I´m going to Esplanada with Sister Haight.
Pres: ....yes. And you´re being assigned as Senior Sister Training Leader.
Me: But serious?
President ignored me.
Pres: Sister Mantovani. Your companion will be Sister Carvalho, ta bom?
Manto: Ta bom. 
and that was basically it.

So I´m going to be sister training leader. I have to do exchanges with everybody. President is crazy. 
It´s my last transfer. I´ve gotta goooo now

Yesterday Ricardo´s family had a mini farewell for me. it was good. gotta gooooo.

see ya next week!

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